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Matt Jabs
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Betsy Jabs

Hi, we’re Matt and Betsy Jabs, and we’re glad you finally made it here.

You’re here because – like us – you care about making this world a better place.

We do what we do because we want to help, and one of our missions in life is to promote the sustainable living revolution.

We were so tired of all the chemicals in expensive commercial cleaners, and knew we had to do something about it; so rather than climbing a soapbox to complain, we committed to incite change by changing ourselves.

After awhile our passion for positive change led us to create and grow a community of like minded people.

People like you!

Inspiring and growing the diyNatural community is the key to real change, but it only started because we made the commitment to change ourselves.

That’s what diyNatural is about.

That’s why we wrote this diyNatural Household Cleaners book.

And that’s why we’re in the process of writing several more books; one about homemade personal products and another about homemade natural condiments.

The time for change is now!

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Make the Change and Join the Community

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Start with one project at a time!

Join tens of thousands of others by making our homemade laundry detergent.

Once you perfect that, go on to our homemade dishwasher detergent.

Then try our solutions for homemade fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Be sure to comment on articles if you have helpful and encouraging input for the community. We’re all growing this revolution together.

If you like what you see and want to continue on your own personal sustainability revolution rampage, skip dinner out this Friday and use the savings from one meal to purchase a book that will arm you with 61 other homemade cleaner recipes that work, and are inexpensive and simple to make.


Kathlyn, age 26, from Missouri says:

“I absolutely love this book! Y’all have saved my husband and I so much money and I love knowing exactly what is going into my cleaning products. Thank y’all SO much!”

Holly, age 28, from Texas says:

“I feel like I’m doing a good thing for my family and the Earth when I use the book recipes to make my own instead of buying commercial products. It feels good to be able to walk by the chemical laden, foul smelling cleaner aisle in the grocery store and to know that my product was less expensive and works just as good, if not better!”

Change happens one person at a time, and it starts with us!

Become part of the solution. Join our community and help grow the sustainability revolution.

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Homemade Cleaners Book


Here’s Are Some of the Benefits You’ll Enjoy

  • 60+ tried and true money saving, natural homemade cleaner recipes for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, wood, windows, walls, air, and more.
  • We give you a list of the simple, inexpensive, and non-toxic ingredients needed to get started… you most likely own many already.
  • Access to our discounted “Essential Oils Starter Kit” taking away all guesswork from using essential oils. Note: the coupon code in the book for an additional 5% off has expired because it was leaked on the Internet.
  • You can save hundreds of dollars every year, the more recipes you make the more you’ll save.
  • You can make hundreds of dollars every year by making these recipes and selling them at your local farm markets, food co-ops, etc.
  • You control the ingredients and know exactly what is going into your cleaners.
  • You’ll be teaching children stewardship and creativity.
  • You will lead and inspire others in positive change.
  • You will expand and improve upon your skill set.
  • Reject a consumeristic mindset and rebel by creating and doing the right thing.
  • Decrease your reliance on store-bought products.

Making your own homemade cleaners is a great segue to other great diy projects like personal products, condiments, food, etc.

And like I said before, our next books will teach you how to make all your own natural personal products and natural condiments, respectively.


Margaret, age 22, Alabama says:

“I gave the Natural Cleaners Guide to my mother and sister after buying it myself.  The chemical-free habits and all natural mentality that it has given me is wonderful.  I love finding ways to simplify my life and my cabinet space, along with creating practical household necessities.  The essential oils make a big difference.  Thank you for teaching the average American consumer how to get behind the expensive label and naturally clean our homes.”

Dianne, age 34, from Anchorage says:

“I have been having all kinds of fun with the DIY book, especially with the oils. What an awesome idea to have a kit already recommended. I have been wanting to experiment with oils forever and again you guys just made it too easy to resist! For anyone looking for a fun way to pass the time, I highly recommend DIY Natural! Dig up some old containers and spray bottles, round up the kids, and have fun playing chemist in your own kitchen! Thanks again Matt and Betsy for making this so fun, simple, and economical!”

It’s Time to BE THE CHANGE We Want to See

Like you, we’re fed up with products loaded with chemicals we know nothing about. Do the chemicals in everyday cleaners promote cancer? Do air fresheners cause allergies? Do the ingredients in common cleaners contribute to autism and ADHD? We can’t be sure but the studies don’t look good… and that is not okay.It’s time for a change.

Millions of people are searching the Internet for instructions on making non-toxic homemade products, and the numbers are growing like crazy. The unsustainable systems our culture has been creating and using for decades are collapsing around us and a paradigm shift is well underway – are you on board?

It’s time to make a difference by living out the positive changes you want to see.

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Homemade Cleaners Book


Save money, reduce chemicals, create and give!

We know all the reasons we wanted to make all our own household cleaners naturally so we asked you what your reasons were. Here are some of the top reasons you gave for making your own cleaners – we asked, we listened, and we designed the book to match the concerns:

  • Save money
    We specifically designed these recipes to save money yet be easy and effective. By using just a handful of the recipes in the book will save your family hundreds of dollars every year… and the more you make the more you’ll save!
  • Reduce toxic chemicals in your home.
    Like you we were tired of all the toxic chemicals in store bought cleaners so we did something about it! All recipes in the book use non-toxic, natural ingredients.
  • Create and share as gifts
    We know how empowering it is to create something awesome for ourselves or to give as gifts to loved ones. These 60+ recipes will keep your creative spirit burning hot and make for great gifts!
  • Better for the environment
    Vote with your dollars by making your own products and kicking big chemical companies to the curb, while being a better steward of our earth.
  • Increase family togetherness
    The projects in this book will inspire you to turn off the TV, grab the kids, and start doing projects together that are fun, useful, and educational.

An average family making just a handful of the recipes in this book can save enough to pay for the book in one grocery trip. Betsy and I save over $1,000 every year by making all our own cleaners. The more you make the more you save, and this book contains all our homemade cleaner recipes!


Kathy, age 58, from Michigan says:

“I feel wonderful to be able to contribute in a small way to reclaiming our earth to be a healthy homebase for the human race.  Your book about homemade cleaners was the beginning for me.  Since reading it, I have been making my own household detergents and cleaners, and I really enjoy the benefits of purifying my air with your essential oils spray recipes. Thanks Matt and Betsy for helping to empower me to reclaim the earth!”

Rebecca, age 18, from Oregon says:

“I am very pleased with the e-book, such a wide range of cleaners, my favorite is the laundry soap (dry). I still have so many cleaners to try! I’m also impressed by how many cleaners you can make from such a small number of ingredients.”


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More Testimonials

Kay, age 56, from Mississippi says:

“Love your book. Keep going back to it for cleaning ideas for the bathroom.”

 Kristie, age 33, from Michigan says:

“Over the past few years I’ve been growing increasingly suspicious of the products I use and their possible negative effects on the environment.  I turned to paying high prices at my local co-op to ensure I was using the safest, most environmentally friendly ingredients.  This didn’t last long, unfortunately, and I went back to my old ways as money grew tight.   Now, as a new mom, the’ mother bear’ in me is in full effect and I look at the ingredients in everything.  For example ‘fragrance’.  What is ‘fragrance’? Do I need ‘fragrance’ in my laundry detergent? Does my baby need ‘fragrance’ on her clothes? No.  Which is why I am so grateful to Matt and Betsy.  They’ve done the homework for me and I can now easily afford environmentally friendly/baby friendly products (that smell good naturally!).  I know that I am providing the purist environment possible for my little one. I highly recommend your book and website to anyone looking to make their home and natural environment safer to all. Thank you Matt and Betsy for creating this life changing guide!”

Joan, age 44, from California says:

“I really like the laundry detergent. Gave some to my son in college who is trying very hard to save money. He liked your shampoo and toothpaste. I make up your mouthwash and use it regularly. I also use the toothpaste recipe. Made up the concoction for the overnight toilet bowl cleaner. That worked well also. Thanks for the book.”
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Homemade Cleaners Book

Sustainable Money Saving Cleaners that Work

Ditch chemicals • Save money • Improve health • Promote sustainability

Make your own cleaners… Naturally

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